We neither condone nor support the breeding of albino Dobermans as this color is the result of a genetic mutation with known negative physical consequences.


Bejadobe Slide Show (through 2011)

About Us

We literally had a shotgun wedding. We  shoot International Trap and practiced in the morning until  just two hours before saying our vows. It's lasted seventeen years so far.  We have four dogs and they are our immediate family. We spend our time doing ordinary things like gardening, mowing the lawn,  pooper scooping, working on the house and PC, and  barbequeing.

Our dogs continue to try to train us.  This is a daily endeavor and some of their efforts are paying off. 


Tony is the computer whiz.  He has a couple of those certifications like CNE and MCP that supposedly mean that he can fix anything.  Officially he is responsible for the function, maintenance, upgrade and general well being of more than 200 servers.  At work. 

At home, he is responsible for ALL our computers, especially the one Marylyn has taken a liking to today, especially if it is not working right.

Upgrade madness at home and a preference to buying computer equipment on ebay rather than selling it (along with the purchases at computer shows) has caused a bit of clutter.  But to be honest, you never know when you’re going to need another NIC card. 

Tony still shoots International Trap in his spare time, when Katie allows him to do something other than play with her.

Marylyn is a registered Electrodiagnostic technologist working in private practice.  Sometimes she is a computer guru.  Like when she noticed that the reason the new motherboard wasn’t working in the new case was because the power supply was not plugged into the motherboard.  Actually Smokey Joe takes credit for that tidbit, and perhaps he is right, he pointed it out in seconds after putting his big nose into the box.

There are other times that Smokey Joe did take direction from Marylyn, like hopefully on his training field.  His daughter Gina has taken over those duties.

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