We neither condone nor support the breeding of albino Dobermans as this color is the result of a genetic mutation with known negative physical consequences.


Bejadobe Slide Show (through 2011)

Beja Dobermans 
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Rudy x Isabel Puppies are Here!  Three Red Males, Seven Red Females Feb 26th!  All Puppies have been placed in their forever homes!  Watch for the adventures of our two girls!

Isabel Earns her BN and Her CAA

Rudy Earns His CDX in Three Shows with Two First Place Qs!

Isabel Earns her Breed Survey at VTDC wth an E Rating August 2015 and Her CA at the THKC CAT in June 2015!

Isabel completes the requirements for her UDC Championship by earning her BH at Schnauzerfest October 10 2014.  Thank you to FCI judge Clemente Grosso!

Isabel Earns her ATT at the Northeast Regional UDC Show and Wins Back to Back Winners’ Bitch!  Thank you  to Judges Roland Pelland and Steve Wolfson!

Isabel has finished her UKC Ch.!

Isabel has earned her International Championship with a Runner Up Best in Show

Rudy has been certified in Advanced Human Remains Detection

Isabel is a new UKC Champion!

Isabel Earns her YTT, Best Youth, and two CC’s toward her UDC Championship

Rudy is the latest Beja Doberman to earn his NW-1 Title and he did it with Pronounced in two elements!

Rudy is now a UDC Champion! Back to Back Winners Dog from the Working Dog Class at VTDC!  Thank you to Breeder Judges Ray Carlisle and May Jacobson- Photos to Come!



Puppy Questionnaire Please copy the questions from this questionnaire into an email, answer as much as you would like, and send to us at

Puppies are here!  Whelped 2/26/2016, we have Three Red Males, Seven Red Females!  Take a look at some photos of the parents --- Rudy-Isabel Gallery -Photos of Rudy and Isabel through the years. 


VMan Video

Photos from the Tom Brady Shoot featuring Rudy*


  • Members:
  • Doberman Pinscher Club of America
  • Doberman Pinscher Club of the Tappan Zee
  • AKC Breeders of Merit in Dobermans
  • United Doberman Club
  • Volunteer Members, Port Chester Obedience Training Club


Marylyn DeGregorio is:

  • AKC Delegate, Taconic Hills Kennel  Club
  • Co Chair, Doberman Pinscher Club of America Legislative Committee
  • Legislative Liaison to the AKC: Taconic Hills Kennel  Club
  • Member: Port Chester Obedience Training Club
  • Secretary and 2003-2016 Show Chair, Doberman Pinscher Club of the Tappan Zee
  • Board Member: Saw Mill River Kennel Club

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